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Service: Conference calls

If you need to discuss an urgent issue with several people simultaneously and they are located in different places, use the “Conference call” service. This services enables you to connect up to 6 people to a call where everyone can here everyone else, and everyone can speak simultaneously.

To start a conference call the first participant and wait until he answers. Without hanging up press “Add a call” button on your phone and call the second participant. The first call will be placed on hold. Then press the “Connect calls” button. Repeat the same steps to add all other participants to the conference, up to 5 people, excluding yourself.

In order for the “Conference call” service to work, you need to have the “Call waiting and call holding” service enabled.

How to enable: Log on "Self-Service or visit the nearest TMCELL subscriber service branch.

To enable dial USSD-command: *0809*2*7*1#

To disable dial USSD-command: *0809*2*7*0#

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