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Service: Internet access (GPRS)

Stay online, be in the know! Use your phone to connect to the Internet wherever and whenever you need.

Batch data transmission GPRS in TMCELL networks provides ample connection speed for comfortable chatting, message exchange using messenger programs, reading e-mails and browsing news columns.

Discover the advantages of 3G TMCELL networks! Make video calls, you can now organise video conferences. Actively communicate using Internet, have quick access to your e-mails and social networks. Stream live TV on your phone. Listen to music, play online games. Discover the full spectrum of multimedia content.

How to enable: Visit the nearest TMCELL subscriber service branch. Do not forget to take your passport!

To enable dial USSD-command: *0809*2*2*1#

To disable dial USSD-command: *0809*2*2*0#

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