Control your expenses!

Service: My favourite number

Give any number of TMCELL, calls and SMS messages will be rated as low-price ones:

Connection to the service “My favourite number”


“My favourite number” outgoing call1 (per 1 minute)


“My favourite number” outgoing /sent SMS (per 1 SMS)


Daily subscriber fee2


Each change of the “My favourite number”

1,00 manat

Maximum number of the connected numbers


The “My favourite number” service is unavailable for the customers - legal entities.

1) Rating of the calls and SMS messages for other numbers shall be provided in accordance with your Tariff Plan.

2) Subscriber fee for the “My favourite number” service shall be charged every day in addition to the subscriber fee of your Tariff Plan if any.


How to enable: Log on "Self-Service or visit the nearest TMCELL subscriber service branch.

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