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Service: PIN Code Recovery


be careful with your PIN code! Be mindful of where and how you store the PIN code for your SIM card! Do not lose the PIN code for your SIM card, if you enter your PIN code incorrectly three times your SIM card will be blocked and you will not be able to use TMCELL services. Whereby if your tariff plan requires you to pay monthly line rental fees, it will still be charged. Do not share or allow your PIN code to be shared with third parties! If your PIN Code becomes known anyone will be able to use your customer account and your mobile TMCELL connection.

If your SIM card has been blocked because your PIN code was entered incorrectly, you need to recover your PIN code in order to use TMCELL services again. To do so contact TMCELL subscriber department.

How to get the service: Visit the nearest TMCELL subscriber service branch. Do not forget to take your passport!

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