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Service: Check of the balance

In order to check your balance you should dial the number of *0800# and press the button “call”.

Or send a dummy message to number 0800 from your phone, the response SMS message will provide you with information about your balance.

In roaming the first method should be used – with the aid of USSD-call, as in some countries sending of SMS messages to a short number can lead to calling of special paid services ,

If you use 3G-modem TMCELL to get to Internet, in this case with the help of the modem software send a dummy SMS message to number 0800. The response SMS message will give you information about the balance in your modem personal account. You will be able to look through it with by means of the modem software.

The service is free of charge.


To enable dial USSD-command: *0800#

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