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Service: "Internet-350" bundle

«Internet-350» service bundle enables you to connect to the Internet at a lower price than the basic rate for the «Internet access (GPRS)» service on your tariff.

Traffic volume 10Gb
Cost of the service bundle 350 manats
Service bundle validity period 30 days

The service is valid for 30 days from the date of connection. On expiry of this period any unused data will be lost.

To find out how much data you have left, send a blank SMS message to 0805.

The service bundle is valid for the «Internet access (GPRS)» service on all tariff plans, fees for all other services are charged in accordance with the current tariff plan. Once all data has been used or the service has expired the rate for batch data transmission is determined in accordance with the basic rate for the current tariff plan.

The service bundle is valid only within the home TMCELL network.


How to enable: Log on "Self-Service or visit the nearest TMCELL subscriber service branch.

To enable dial USSD-command: *0850*350#

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