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Service: Amatly+

  Tariff options Cost, man
1 Coming call  
1.1 Coming call to inwardly network first and second minute, for 1 mines 0,08
1.2 Coming call to inwardly network since third minute, for 1 mines 0,01
1.3 Coming call abonent others operator relationship, for 1 mines 0,16
1.4 Coming call on town number and interurban voiced, for 1 mines 0,16
3 Enterring call  
3.1 All are an enterring call free 0
4 SMS  
4.1.1 Coming SMS inwardly network and in network other operator, for each SMS 0,08
4.1.2 Coming international SMS, for each SMS 0,20
4.2 All enterring SMS free 0
5 Access in internet (GPRS)  
5.1 Data communication, (each 1 Mb) 0,07
6 Rental fee  
6.1 Rental fee, in day 0,20


  • Available only for subscribers of the tariff plan "Amatly"
  • The service enabling and disabling charge is 1 manat
  • Cost of other services, such as on the tariff plan Amatly

How to enable: Log on "Self-Service or visit the nearest TMCELL subscriber service branch.

To enable dial USSD-command: *0809*2*8*1#

To disable dial USSD-command: *0809*2*8*1#

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