How to join TMCELL



Cost of connection

The total cost of connecting to TMCELL together with access to the Internet is 10 manat, in which:
· SIM-card itself will be free
· 5.00 manat is connection to the Internet
· the remaining amount (5.00 manat) is credited to your personal account and will be used to pay for your calls and SMS according to the selected rate plan.

How to connect

1. Visit the nearest branch  of TMCELL service to make a contract for services. For the contract will need your passport.

2. Choose a convenient calling plan .

3. Fill out the application. After that, give the completed application along with a passport to the manager to conclude a contract.

4. Make the initial payment, as some services stop working when the balance drops too low. Details about payment methods.

5. Set up Internet access (GPRS) on your phone. More information about the settings of the phone.

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