How to top up





top up


Paying with bank cards

You can top up with your «VISA» or «MILLIKART» card:

• Insert card;
• Enter your PIN code;
• In ATM menu, select "Payments" function;
• Select operator – "Altyn Asyr";
• Enter number as follows: 993 6x xxxxxx;
• Enter amount and confirm payment.
In 2 to 3 minutes you will receive a top-up notification via SMS.
* Make sure the entered phone number is correct. The bank cannot return your money if the number was entered incorrectly.
* Do not dispose of the receipt until you make sure that the funds have arrived.

Card payment

Get a TMCELL top-up card for desired amount.
Carefully, to avoid damaging the card, scrape an erasable layer under which is hidden PIN-code for card payment. This can be done easily with a coin.
Simply dial *0808 on your TMCELL phone and press "Call".
Listen to the auto-reply message, select the language – press 1 for the Turkmen language, or 3 for the Russian language.
Listen to the message of the answering machine, enter the PIN-code from the card payment hidden under the scratch-off strip. Make sure that you have entered PIN-code that corresponds exactly to the printed card.
Press the # key and then press 1.

After that the card is activated, the amount will be credited to your account, you will receive an SMS confirming your payment.

Over the counter

Visit the nearest TMCELL   service office .

Transfer money from your mobile phone to any other TMCELL phone.

Help each other out! Use the service of "SMS funds transfer", to transfer money from his account to the other TMCELL subscriber, thereby adding to their balance.