What does 4G LTE mean?

In the name of 4G LTE — 4G means the fourth generation system. The systems of the future with extended opportunities of informers relate to the 4G system. LTE (longterm evolution) means the advanced intellectual standard UMTS. The LTE standard is one of two existing standards and approved by the International community of the electrical communication as fully conforming to the forth generation of the wireless communication.

Thereby, 4G LTE is the information transfer technology at a high speed of the fourth generation system of the close communication.

Speed in first instance!

4G LTE gives an opportunity of the high speed internet access with mobile devices.

The description declared speed of the information transfer into the close terminal from the base station for the 4G LTE reaches 100 Mbit/s and at the same time as per HSDPA protocol as an previous generation 3G provides with 7.2 Mbit/s of the theoretic limit speed and wth the GPRS technology in the networks of the second generation speed is only 0.5 Mbit/s.

How much does it cost?

The cost of traffic in the 4G network is the same as in the 3G network. It depends on your tariff.

Traffic bundles allow you to save money1 when connecting to the Internet.

At night, the Internet is cheaper2.

More about the cost of data transmition

How to use the 4G advantages?

For the TMCELL 4G LTE system entry, make sure that your smartphone or USB-modem meets the 4G standards. For this, pay attention to the user guide of your device or to the its manufacturer website.

Ensure that you are the owner of the TMCELL SIM card of the UMTS new standards. If you have an old SIM card of the GSM standards, please, change it at the nearest TMCELL office.

How to connect 4G LTE? 

Currently 4G LTE network only works in the cities of Ashgabat and Turkmenbashi.
To get access to the 4G LTE, contact any office TMCELL, located in these cities.


1) By purchasing prepaid bundles of 4 GB or 10 GB, the cost of 1 MB of Internet traffic will be lower than the base price of the tariff plan. Details of the service.

2) Within the service "Internet Night", from 02:00 am to 09:00 am cost of Internet access has been reduced to 0.03 manats per 1 MB. Details of the service.