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Tariffs of the «Korporatiw» group make it possible for a company employees to always remain connected, which undoubtedly is an important factor of successful work.

All calls and SMS messages within the corporate subscriber group are free.

The cost of the remaining telecom services on «Korporatiw» tariffs depends on the number of subscribers to be connected.

How to become a corporate client of TMCELL

«Korporatiw» Tariffs are available only for enterprises (legal entities). To become a corporate client, refer to the Corporate clients department and provide a letter from the company with a request to activate the «Korporatiw» tariff.


«Korporatiw» tariffs

Tariff options Count
Number of subscribers (more then)  
  Korporatiw-10 1000
  Korporatiw-15 8
  Korporatiw-50 8
  Korporatiw-150 8
Subscriber fee (per a month)  
  Korporatiw-10 10 man
  Korporatiw-15 15 man
  Korporatiw-50 50 man
  Korporatiw-150 150 man
  Korporatiw-10 10 man
  Korporatiw-15 15 man
  Korporatiw-50 50 man
  Korporatiw-150 150 man
Free of charge minutes for calls within the home-network (minutes)  
  Korporatiw-10 45
  Korporatiw-15 60
  Korporatiw-50 300
  Korporatiw-150 1000
Free of charge traffic volume (Mb)  
  Korporatiw-10 30
  Korporatiw-15 40
  Korporatiw-50 50
  Korporatiw-150 300
Free of charge SMS outside the corporate group (SMS)  
  Korporatiw-10 none
  Korporatiw-15 20
  Korporatiw-50 40
  Korporatiw-150 150

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