Congratulations on the international Women’s Day!



Honorable mums, dear women! From the bottom of the heart we congratulate all of you on the international women's day - the fine holiday of spring symbolising spring holidays, happiness, pleasure, smiles female laughter! We are from the bottom of the heart glad that in the hearts of our women there lives love to the relatives, to the family, we are glad that during an epoch of happiness of the powerful state all of us have possibility to celebrate a such fine holiday of women, mothers, wives and girls which embellishes our life, does it more brightly, lighting up hearts of women, and filling with their heat and love.

Let hearts of Turkmen women, Turkmen mothers which the love store the peace centre of the family, all Turkmen people, will be always spiritualised by happiness, tenderness. We wish you a sound health and long years of life, let on your persons the happy smile always shines, and the family centre will be always filled by heat and a cosiness!

Honorable women, let become all your day happy and are embodied in laughter and pleasure!


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