Safe Roaming


For the owners of mobile phones and appliances based on performance of iOS (iPhone OS), Android OS , Symbian OS, Windows Phone 7 OS, Bada OS, MeeGo, BlackBerry OS (further – Smartphone) by using roaming tariff should pay special attention that software, installed on abovementioned devices by manufacturer or by user, can automatically activate internet services on GPRS/EDGE/3G networks. For example, to update internet pages or application versions. Mainly, those are various chats, social networks, Travel Mate, e-mail, maps, weather forecast, currency, and many others. If at home network such kind of sessions can be unnoticed due to the low charge of data transmission, at using roaming similar sessions will be tariffed in accordance with roaming tariffs.

To avoid unnecessary charges for internet services (GPRS/EDGE/3G) we recommend switching off automatic function of software update of your mobile phone. Manual on switching off automatic update can be found in inquiry menu, which is installed on software of your Smartphone. In case of difficulties arising in switching off current function of automatic software update, you can use function of switching off data transfer on your Smartphone, or delete applications that has automatic update function. Information on how to disconnect data transfer is available on the website manufacturer, or in the manual attached to your Smartphone.

Tariffication in roaming can occur with delays up to 30 days. Communications services are offered in credit.