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Without subscription fee

Subscriber fee 0
Calls in TMCELL
Output  (for 1 minute) 0, 14  manat
Input   0
Other operators
Output  (for 1 minute) 0, 20  manat
Input   0
Urban and long-distance
Output  (for 1 minute) 0, 14  manat
Input   0
SMS (for each, except intercountries) 0, 08  manat
Data transfer (for 1 Mb) 0, 15  manat
International calls and sms more...

Every day 20 minutes free of charge calls within the home network with service"Sada+"

In order to switch to this tariff log on Self service or visit the nearest TMCELL service office .

USSD command: *0809*6*1*2*122#

Connection compulsory initial payment is 5 manat.