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New method of balance replenishment. ТМСЕLL TÖLEG

“ТМСЕLL TÖLEG” program facilitates service of balance replenishment of CJSC “Altyn Asyr” users. Download in your phone “ТМСЕLL TÖLEG”program; connect your bank card to the program and fill up your balance without a commission fee.

Prior to use it is necessary to know as follows:
  • Information on a plastic card for payment is stored in your phone only.
  • For payments by means of program the additional payment is not charged.
  • Amount of one transaction shall be from 1 to 500 manat.
  • Use of the program is free of charge
Service Use Procedure:
  • Enter “ТМСЕLL TÖLEG” program in a window of applications in App Store (for iOS system phones) or in Play Market (for Android system phones) and download it in your phone.
  • In any automatic cash terminal connect SMS-notifications service to “Altyn Asyr” plastic card used for payments.
  • For registration in the application enter your mobile number, press “Next”. You will receive SMS-code from 0877 number. Enter SMS-code and press “Confirm”.
  • 0877 belgisinden SMS kody geler. SMS kody ýazyp “Tassykla” düwmesine basmaly
  • After entering in the program enter in section “My Cards”, fill in data of your “Altyn Asyr” plastic card.
  • Enter in section “To Fill Up Balance”, enter any phone number and the amount to be sent, select a card. Press “Next’.
  • Enter SMS-code received from number +0701, confirm the payment.
  • Payment results may be checked in section “Payments”.
  • In section “Settings’ there is a capability of change of program language as well as ciphering of the program with a password.
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